Dump Your Duds at the Door

The nude welcome is a simple and yet profound welcome. Can there be anything as sincere as being welcomed to a friend’s home and being invited to remove your clothes? Your hosts are already nude, they prepare you something to drink, perhaps introductions are made if needed, and all during this time, you are unburdeningContinue reading “Dump Your Duds at the Door”

Introducing the Family, part two

In three years on this blog, the most popular post that I’ve written is Introducing the Family from October 2011. Evidently a lot of people would like some tips on how to get the whole family to embrace naturism. In fact, when my whole family and I went to the naturist park two weekends ago,Continue reading “Introducing the Family, part two”

A Nipple For Your Thoughts

The function of women’s nipples in lactation makes sense. But why do men have nipples?  It’s a great question. And there are many who have given their two cents: science, religion, ancient myth… But I prefer a different question:  Why do we all (almost all) have nipples? To show that the sexes exist on aContinue reading “A Nipple For Your Thoughts”

Public Health Advocacy for Nudity

Nudity is a public health issue, but not for the reasons many people might assume. It is not because of the need to shield bus seats from bare buttocks, or to protect diners at restaurants from pubes in their salads. No. Nudity is a public health issue because nudity is the beneficial, natural state ofContinue reading “Public Health Advocacy for Nudity”

Happy Nude Year, Baby

There’s an ancient allegory of the seasons, with spring as birth, summer as youth, autumn as maturity, and winter as old age. Even though the start of the year in the Western calendar – January 1st – doesn’t coincide with the vernal equinox, at some point the ancient allegory of the seasons was accommodated toContinue reading “Happy Nude Year, Baby”


Facebook has become Flankbook for naturists who brave its censorship vagaries. I haven’t even tried to accommodate the Nude Scribe site or its message to Facebook, but many intrepid naturists and naturist allies do attempt to yoke the massively popular site to their message of body acceptance and nude freedom. Some of them are actuallyContinue reading “Flankbook”

Nudity is a Human Right

WHEREAS human beings manifest bodies that occupy physical volume in space as a necessity of existence; WHEREAS human beings are born naked into these bodies and thus begin, naked, the basic acts of life through the intake of breath and breast; WHEREAS nudity is thus the essential and most natural state in which human beings manifestContinue reading “Nudity is a Human Right”

Nude Physics 3: Luminosity

I’m neither physicist nor physician, so it’s only with a bit of creative license that I’m exploring, in this series of posts, certain physical properties of our bodies when nude. The first two posts in the series have featured concepts from physics that are perhaps more obviously applicable to our bodies: surface area to volumeContinue reading “Nude Physics 3: Luminosity”