Nude Spa of Ancient Mexico

Over the last few years, Mexico’s clothes-free tourism industry has steadily increased in quality and quantity of venues. There are now a half-dozen or so official clothing-optional or nudist sites, mostly along the Riviera Maya (see here for a recent list of Mexico’s nude beaches and resorts). It’s interesting to note that at several ofContinue reading “Nude Spa of Ancient Mexico”

Know What Censorship Is

Censorship is ignorance. How to fight it? Read more about naturism, including Co-ed Naked Philosophy! The excerpt below is based on an actual incident a few years ago in Florida, involving a complaint about a lawn-statue replica of Michelangelo’s David:     Censorship resulting from a “concerned citizen”? To their credit, the Channel 5 news teamContinue reading “Know What Censorship Is”

Need a Swimsuit?

You need a swimsuit… like a chicken needs suspenders like an eagle needs a parachute like a maple needs a hat like an elephant needs shoes like a dolphin needs a swimsuit like a filing cabinet needs an apple pie! You need a swimsuit… like the sand needs an hourglass,  like the waves need aContinue reading “Need a Swimsuit?”

Invisible Scissors

If I had invisible scissors,that made me invisible too,I’d go on a clothes-cutting mission to help everybody get nude! I’d make my way down to the beachto walk with the swimsuit-oppressed.I’d stand just beyond an arm’s reachand -SNIP!- liberate them from dress! I’d cut suits off short folk and tall,from fat, thin, tan, brown, black,Continue reading “Invisible Scissors”

Raccoon and Possum

A limerick dialogue between a thick-coated textile and a bare-tailed nudist   An astonished coon asked of a possum, “Why on earth don’t you cover your bottom? When you traipse round the wood, you don’t dress as you should. Keep yourself covered up like you oughta!”   So the possum replied to the coon, “WouldContinue reading “Raccoon and Possum”

Bernard Perroud, Somanaut

Bernard Perroud, creator of the cover image for Co-ed Naked Philosophy, is a prolific and highly imaginative artist, comfortable and talented in diverse media, whose blog I have long admired. Here he is, chasing inspiration in his dreams, or as he writes:    Trying to visualize the feeling of flight while dreaming… DreamFly1 His artisticContinue reading “Bernard Perroud, Somanaut”

Clothed with Nature

The indigenous populations of the Americas have long been a source of inspiration for natural associations to nudity, such as the work of Javier Silva Meinel. A photographer from Lima, Peru (b. 1949), Silva Meinel studied both economics and photography and won a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on Andean rituals. He has also photographedContinue reading “Clothed with Nature”