Because We Are Not Ghosts

Take an old bedsheet and throw it over yourself – voila!, you are a ghost, easiest and maybe the oldest or most basic Halloween costume of all. Why do ghosts wear sheets, anyway? Maybe because the sheet is a shroud, the cloth that wraps a corpse. The cloth catches the spirit and animates its etherealContinue reading “Because We Are Not Ghosts”

The Tailor

(in which a man “of the cloth” experiences a seam-splitting epiphany) The tailor plied his trade for years – a craft he chose o’er all careers – and kept his shop on Fashion Street where loyal clients he would meet.  He stocked his buttons, threads, and lace and reams of cloth o’erflowed the place: fromContinue reading “The Tailor”


Facebook has become Flankbook for naturists who brave its censorship vagaries. I haven’t even tried to accommodate the Nude Scribe site or its message to Facebook, but many intrepid naturists and naturist allies do attempt to yoke the massively popular site to their message of body acceptance and nude freedom. Some of them are actuallyContinue reading “Flankbook”

Nudity is a Human Right

WHEREAS human beings manifest bodies that occupy physical volume in space as a necessity of existence; WHEREAS human beings are born naked into these bodies and thus begin, naked, the basic acts of life through the intake of breath and breast; WHEREAS nudity is thus the essential and most natural state in which human beings manifestContinue reading “Nudity is a Human Right”

The Naked Eye

One of the big attractions of naturism and social nudism is the exhilaration of moving naked through space. It’s all that “frolicking” that nudists seem to be universally known for. One of my earliest memories as a toddler was shimmying my clothes off to run naked around my room, jumping on and off the bed. But just aContinue reading “The Naked Eye”

Nude Physics 4: Vibrations

I believe that our bodies interact with the space around them in ways that are more complex than simply “taking up space.” I don’t think these interactions are mysterious, necessarily, just little known or poorly understood. One of these spatial interactions, for example, would be the release of pheromones or other hormones that send amorousContinue reading “Nude Physics 4: Vibrations”

Nude Physics 3: Luminosity

I’m neither physicist nor physician, so it’s only with a bit of creative license that I’m exploring, in this series of posts, certain physical properties of our bodies when nude. The first two posts in the series have featured concepts from physics that are perhaps more obviously applicable to our bodies: surface area to volumeContinue reading “Nude Physics 3: Luminosity”