Public Health Advocacy for Nudity

Nudity is a public health issue, but not for the reasons many people might assume. It is not because of the need to shield bus seats from bare buttocks, or to protect diners at restaurants from pubes in their salads. No. Nudity is a public health issue because nudity is the beneficial, natural state ofContinue reading “Public Health Advocacy for Nudity”

Happy Nude Year, Baby

There’s an ancient allegory of the seasons, with spring as birth, summer as youth, autumn as maturity, and winter as old age. Even though the start of the year in the Western calendar – January 1st – doesn’t coincide with the vernal equinox, at some point the ancient allegory of the seasons was accommodated toContinue reading “Happy Nude Year, Baby”


Facebook has become Flankbook for naturists who brave its censorship vagaries. I haven’t even tried to accommodate the Nude Scribe site or its message to Facebook, but many intrepid naturists and naturist allies do attempt to yoke the massively popular site to their message of body acceptance and nude freedom. Some of them are actuallyContinue reading “Flankbook”

Nudity is a Human Right

WHEREAS human beings manifest bodies that occupy physical volume in space as a necessity of existence; WHEREAS human beings are born naked into these bodies and thus begin, naked, the basic acts of life through the intake of breath and breast; WHEREAS nudity is thus the essential and most natural state in which human beings manifestContinue reading “Nudity is a Human Right”

Brazilian Naturist Pioneer Luz del Fuego

A reflection for today by my friend Jorge Bandeira, fellow naturist and artist, and co-founder and current president of the ten-year old naturist group GRAUNA based in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. My translation: On the 96th Anniversary of the Birth of Luz del Fuego  [Luz del Fuego, or “Firelight,” was the stage name of Dora Vivacqua,Continue reading “Brazilian Naturist Pioneer Luz del Fuego”

The Fig Leaf Fetish

Someone told me recently that naturism kills eroticism; in other words, that so much constant nudity eliminates the thrill of sexual anticipation. I don’t always agree–context is everything–but I know that this point of view is widely sustained at different times and for different reasons. Naturists – always having to defend that we’re not generallyContinue reading “The Fig Leaf Fetish”

Primal Magic

The “soundtrack” of naturism is the sound of nature: birds, water, the breeze in the branches, etc. But at a naturist park or nude beach, you’ll hear every kind of soundtrack from folk to rock to hiphop to country to… whatever. One of my favorite albums for naturist inspiration is Primal Magic by Strunz &Continue reading “Primal Magic”

No Real Nudity

Want to practice your life drawing skills? Here’s what the ad says: “Bare Talent. Come hone yours at the Museum, Thursday January 3 at the Life Drawing Studio.” Sounds fine, perfectly normal. Life drawing means rendering sketches of nude models, after all, hence the catchy phrase “Bare Talent.” But here’s the kicker. The ad, fromContinue reading “No Real Nudity”

The Threshold of Shame

The threshold of shame looms high and ominous in the imaginations of many. It towers far overhead, casting a long, dark shadow of ignominy. Parents, wishing children to “behave,” whisper that The Threshold of Shame rains down a thunderous cascade of scalding oil and shoots poisonous darts from its arch-like frame if you dare toContinue reading “The Threshold of Shame”

What Heaven Can Be

Distinguished members of the board, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen: There are NOT NEARLY ENOUGH nude images out there. And I don’t mean just on the Internet. I mean there aren’t enough non-sexual nude images out there in the greater world:  in textbooks, in galleries, on TV, on Facebook, in general-interest magazines, on posters, atContinue reading “What Heaven Can Be”