Epitaph for an Undershirt

Here is hung an old undershirt.  I knew it well, or it knew me well.  It was not a bulletproof vest nor a shirt of chainmail,  yet in its way it was designed to protect me; it swaddled my heart, it absorbed my sweat.  Here is folded  a tattered undershirt.  I come not to praiseContinue reading “Epitaph for an Undershirt”

Naturist Trolls?

Disney’s über-popular Frozen debuted months ago, but I didn’t see it until this weekend, and there are a couple of quick pro-naturist points I would like to make about the film. The story is set loosely in Scandinavia, maybe Norway. In the scene in which younger sister Anna meets ice-cutter Kristoff, a storekeeper is haggling overContinue reading “Naturist Trolls?”

Fishing for Nude Insights

Fellow naturist blogger Robert Longpré has produced a volume called Naked Poetry by the Sea and on the Prairies. The polished, succinct poems of his collection guide us to the naked core of truths both spiritual and physical. These are terrific poems! I had the honor of contributing a brief preface to the volume, whichContinue reading “Fishing for Nude Insights”

Because We Are Not Ghosts

Take an old bedsheet and throw it over yourself – voila!, you are a ghost, easiest and maybe the oldest or most basic Halloween costume of all. Why do ghosts wear sheets, anyway? Maybe because the sheet is a shroud, the cloth that wraps a corpse. The cloth catches the spirit and animates its etherealContinue reading “Because We Are Not Ghosts”

The Tailor

(in which a man “of the cloth” experiences a seam-splitting epiphany)   The tailor plied his trade for years – a craft he chose o’er all careers – and kept his shop on Fashion Street where loyal clients he would meet.  He stocked his buttons, threads, and lace and reams of cloth o’erflowed the place:Continue reading “The Tailor”

Nudity is a Human Right

WHEREAS human beings manifest bodies that occupy physical volume in space as a necessity of existence; WHEREAS human beings are born naked into these bodies and thus begin, naked, the basic acts of life through the intake of breath and breast; WHEREAS nudity is thus the essential and most natural state in which human beings manifestContinue reading “Nudity is a Human Right”

Freedom of Dress

Today is a day to celebrate freedoms here in the United States, freedoms such as those depicted by the celebrated mid-20th-century American realist painter Norman Rockwell in his series called the Four Freedoms (clockwise from top left, below): Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. These 1943 paintings, if not exclusively propaganda,Continue reading “Freedom of Dress”

Don and Doff

Don and Doff were leprechauns who lived beyond the rainbow’s end. Don scrubbed his shoes and cleaned his coat: Saint Patrick’s Day was ’round the bend. “Hey Doff! Get off your duff and wash your clothes! Today is March the 12th!” “So what?” said Doff. “I’m ready. Just…” “Just what?,” asked Don, impatient elf. “I’dContinue reading “Don and Doff”

The Fig Leaf Fetish

Someone told me recently that naturism kills eroticism; in other words, that so much constant nudity eliminates the thrill of sexual anticipation. I don’t always agree–context is everything–but I know that this point of view is widely sustained at different times and for different reasons. Naturists – always having to defend that we’re not generallyContinue reading “The Fig Leaf Fetish”