The Body Politic

It’s an ancient and common allegory used by the apostle Paul among many others: the body politic. The various sectors or classes of a society are likened to the organs and systems of the human body. Just as we need all the body parts to function in harmony–from the heart and liver and fingers allContinue reading “The Body Politic”

That Appealing Banana Dance

It was a rainy Spring Break this past week, which ended up meaning extended TV time here and there for the kiddos. We all got to see and hear the commercial below MANY times: Gotta deconstruct this a little: We don’t know if Banana Kid is dancing in front of a mirror, a window, orContinue reading “That Appealing Banana Dance”

Polite Nudists

Nudists are often the most *polite* people you’ll ever meet. Why? Because, when in textile company, they *politely* manage to restrain themselves from ripping their clothes off talking to you non-stop about the benefits of living clothes-free Because, when at a textile beach or pool, they *politely* manage to refrain from flinging away their bathing costumesContinue reading “Polite Nudists”

Need a Swimsuit?

You need a swimsuit… like a chicken needs suspenders like an eagle needs a parachute like a maple needs a hat like an elephant needs shoes like a dolphin needs a swimsuit like a filing cabinet needs an apple pie! You need a swimsuit… like the sand needs an hourglass,  like the waves need aContinue reading “Need a Swimsuit?”

Invisible Scissors

If I had invisible scissors,that made me invisible too,I’d go on a clothes-cutting mission to help everybody get nude! I’d make my way down to the beachto walk with the swimsuit-oppressed.I’d stand just beyond an arm’s reachand -SNIP!- liberate them from dress! I’d cut suits off short folk and tall,from fat, thin, tan, brown, black,Continue reading “Invisible Scissors”

Raccoon and Possum

A limerick dialogue between a thick-coated textile and a bare-tailed nudist An astonished coon asked of a possum, “Why on earth don’t you cover your bottom? When you traipse round the wood, you don’t dress as you should. Keep yourself covered up like you oughta!” So the possum replied to the coon, “Would you coverContinue reading “Raccoon and Possum”

Clothed with Nature

The indigenous populations of the Americas have long been a source of inspiration for natural associations to nudity, such as the work of Javier Silva Meinel. A photographer from Lima, Peru (b. 1949), Silva Meinel studied both economics and photography and won a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on Andean rituals. He has also photographedContinue reading “Clothed with Nature”

Wild Child of the Forest

“How naked, and–how bold!” These are Mother Wolf’s words to describe the man-cub discovered in the jungle, who has come to drink her milk with the other cubs. The wolves are astounded by the child’s lack of fur, so Mother Wolf names him for his smooth skin: Mowgli, meaning “frog” in Hindi. That man-cub is,Continue reading “Wild Child of the Forest”

Nude on Halloween

Many nudists and naturists love to dress up for Halloween. This may seem contradictory at first blush, but it actually makes a lot of sense. More than most people, nudists and naturists realize how much of a costume our everyday clothing is, and how arbitrary the way that we dress ourselves is. (Really, why doContinue reading “Nude on Halloween”