The Empire’s New Clothes

Of 2012’s Events reviewed, a rhyming Tale of Royals Nude. There lies an Isle across the Sea that hosts a Royal Family: a Queen, her Son, two Princes – Heirs and Scions of Celebrity. The Family’s known in World Affairs, their Lives attracting many Cares since Princes’ Mum died fleeing Fame: a Fairy Tale that’sContinue reading “The Empire’s New Clothes”

The Birds and the Bees

Birds and bees, flowers and trees: about as natural as you can get. I find it very interesting that “the birds and the bees” works as a euphemism for explaining sex, because it hides the idea of copulation even as it broadcasts that sex, too, is perfectly natural, and that all you have to doContinue reading “The Birds and the Bees”


One encouraging result of the Fall Arts Festival at Oaklake Trails is that one of the artists who attended has decided to make naturism the topic of her research paper in a sociology course. She asked to interview me, so we did, but the tape recorder wasn’t working properly and so I wrote a summaryContinue reading “Freedom”


(A short story, based very-loosely-not-too-tightly on Acts 9:34-42) In the city of Joplin there lived a widow named Dory, who was always doing kind things for others, especially the poor. She was a skilled seamstress, and since the time of her husband’s death, several rooms of her home had been overtaken by bolts of cloth, andContinue reading “Threadbare”


Feeling mammalian lately? Basic zoology texts tell us that we mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates that possess hair, mammary glands, three middle-ear bones, and a characteristically developed neocortex. Humans, like many mammal species, have sweat glands, specialized teeth, placental births, and dual-fluid penises (yep, you read that right). Page from an early 1970s children’s book on animalsContinue reading “Mammals”

A Clothing Conundrum

Dear reader, I offer a clothing conundrum: When standing in front of the washing machine drum, how do you determine the ins and the outsides of textiles that seem to have too many cloth sides? I’ll help with the laundry. I’ll get the clothes gladly. I’ll wrangle with hangers and fold the clothes badly. But sometimesContinue reading “A Clothing Conundrum”

Customs & Costumes

Bathing costume: there’s a phrase hardly anyone uses anymore. Yet the different textile objects to which the phrase can refer are still so widely used that the costume has become a custom. According to my trusty old American Heritage Dictionary, costume and custom have a common etymological root, “seu,” meaning “of oneself.” Think of oldContinue reading “Customs & Costumes”


Definitions of “cheek“: (1) the fleshy part of the face on either side of the mouth (2) a buttock (3) a frank, daring attitude (4) the way some people pronounce that French word for “cool” All of these definitions apply to one of naturism’s newest, cheekiest, and most dynamic web presences. Nurba: Urban Naturism andContinue reading “Cheek”

The Body Politic

It’s an ancient and common allegory used by the apostle Paul among many others: the body politic. The various sectors or classes of a society are likened to the organs and systems of the human body. Just as we need all the body parts to function in harmony–from the heart and liver and fingers allContinue reading “The Body Politic”