(A short story, based very-loosely-not-too-tightly on Acts 9:34-42) In the city of Joplin there lived a widow named Dory, who was always doing kind things for others, especially the poor. She was a skilled seamstress, and since the time of her husband’s death, several rooms of her home had been overtaken by bolts of cloth, andContinue reading “Threadbare”

The Way to Walk in the World

In the middle of the jungle lies a pristine lake disputed by nations, narcos, and one massive energy project. An industrialist above the law steals ancient testimonies long hidden by kings and popes. An inexperienced translator, hired to fail, uncovers truths so unsettling they redefine the rights of properties and persons. Oh yeah: And hundredsContinue reading “The Way to Walk in the World”


Definitions of “cheek“: (1) the fleshy part of the face on either side of the mouth (2) a buttock (3) a frank, daring attitude (4) the way some people pronounce that French word for “cool” All of these definitions apply to one of naturism’s newest, cheekiest, and most dynamic web presences. Nurba: Urban Naturism andContinue reading “Cheek”

The Body Politic

It’s an ancient and common allegory used by the apostle Paul among many others: the body politic. The various sectors or classes of a society are likened to the organs and systems of the human body. Just as we need all the body parts to function in harmony–from the heart and liver and fingers allContinue reading “The Body Politic”

Know What Censorship Is

Censorship is ignorance. How to fight it? Read more about naturism, including Co-ed Naked Philosophy! The excerpt below is based on an actual incident a few years ago in Florida, involving a complaint about a lawn-statue replica of Michelangelo’s David:     Censorship resulting from a “concerned citizen”? To their credit, the Channel 5 news teamContinue reading “Know What Censorship Is”

12 Nude Year Resolutions

Nudity can be light-hearted, but there are times when it’s no joke. When people, whether individuals or groups, risk arrest or worse simply for posting nude photographs of themselves in those parts of the world still clutching very restrictive ideas about nudity (and sometimes those parts of the world are closer to home than oneContinue reading “12 Nude Year Resolutions”

Naked Santa Cyclist

Happy December! It was around this time some years ago that an interesting cyclist began circulating the city streets where I live. He was such an attention-grabbing character that he rode off the streets and right into my novel, Co-ed Naked Philosophy. Here’s part of a passage from the novel featuring the Naked Santa Cyclist:Continue reading “Naked Santa Cyclist”

Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!

Just in time for holiday gift ordering! Co-ed Naked Philosophy, print edition (paperback), is now available through Amazon! Co-ed Naked Philosophy is the story of students and professors taking off their clothes to take on social conventions! A couple of clothesfree courses ignite a body-attitude revolution that changes the campus, the community, and the media.Continue reading “Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!”

Anything Goes?

“In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. Now, heaven knows, Anything Goes!” -Cole Porter American composer Cole Porter’s marvelous musical Anything Goes debuted on Broadway in 1934, in the middle of the Great Depression. The American Sunbathing Association, precursor to today’s AANR, was just three years old at theContinue reading “Anything Goes?”

Naked Social Euphoria

 A brief review of Co-ed Naked Philosophy from Martin Brant: Author Will Forest has a unique appreciation for the human body. I call it unique when it should be considered normal, but somehow our society has gotten onto a path of misguided morality that somehow judges the human body as shameful. Hence Co-ed Naked Philosophy,Continue reading “Naked Social Euphoria”